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Geez Stables

Because horses and dogs also are athletes, they need to be trained both physically and mentally, just like humans. At the Geez Stables, we know that performance is enhanced by happiness. 

And on a breeding perspective, we choose quality over quantity. 

And yes... all our athletes (dogs, horses) use a tailored OutFox training program.

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American Quarter Horse Association
American Paint Horse Association

On the horse side, we cautiously select mares and stallions for their exceptional physical performances and calm mind. We establish relationship and trust as a priority to training and an integral part of it afterwards. We train our horses to be very performant on barrel racing and gymkhana games, but also to be all around horses... Which means we train our horses in a way that any rider, no matter the age or experience, could go on trail, ride bareback, take lessons on the horse, try new things with them, evolve as a team. We want our athletes to be 100% sound for as long as possible, reason why we don't push them to perform at a young age, but slightly later in life. With the same mindset "quality over quantity", we don't "overuse" our mares and stallions to produce foal after foal. Instead, we ride and train all mares and stallions for games and ask them to produce just a few foals in their lifespan.  

Our Horses


American German Shepherds

On the dog side, we have three very promising German Shepherds (bellow 3 yo) from three different champion bloodlines now undergoing training.

With our dogs, the same principles of training apply : we want trust and relationship to be established before training and we want them to be fully grown before hardcore training. We also want our dogs to be "all around" meaning that we want them to perform in their individual tasks and games, to pull a sleigh as a team and we also want theses same dogs to keep a very calm mindset around excited children.

Puppies will come once the three members of our pack perform, both as a team and individually, to their fullest.

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